Dancer, choreographer & dance teacher & researcher


Driss Bouissa is a dancer and choreographer and movement researcher. He was born in Morocco.

He specializes in contemporary and modern dance. He is a member of the international dance council (UNESCO). Driss is also a blogger and public speaker.


Morrocan choreographer & dance teacher in Marrakesh
Morrocan choreographer & contemporary dancer

Academic training

Driss has started learning dance, singing and guitar at the  communal Conservatory  in Casablanca (Morocco), then at the  National  Conservatory  of music and dance.  In 2003 Driss  moves to Paris (France) to follow professional studies at the  High school for performing arts (Ecole supérieure du spectacle ). In 2004 he receives scholarships  to continue his studies at the   Dance loft (Switzerland),were he hadthe opportunity  to focus on contemporary dance and work with famous choreographers  such Isabelle Gotzkovsky (Germany/USA), John Brooks from the Jennifer Muller dance compagny (the Works/USA), Philip Egli (Former director of the  St-Gallen Theater), and  Marcello Pereira (Brasil).


Driss takes regular dance workshop with dance teachers and choreographers like Santiago Sempere, Pascal Montrouge  and Lenny Kravitz (the dancer, not the singer


Stage experience and choreographic works

As a signer, Driss took part at the intercultural musical project« Leh ya jarré » in 2001, directed by  Fortunat frülich (a Swiss Choir director, music composer and arranger), at the  RABAT Music Festival , then toured Switzerland with the choir of the Conservatory of Rabat. Driss has danced with  Isabelle Gotzkovsky in  “Fly but don’t”,with  Marrcello omine (Brasil/Germany) in« el candor passa » in  2005 as well as with  Santiago sempere (Spain).


Since 2007 Driss is sellted in Morocco, were he gives contemporary and jazz dance workshop occasionally, while working on his own compositions as a freelancer. Among his works :


Dance compositions : Crash 2005, Flash back 2006, Animé 2009


Songs : Loghram, Leila, Ghab ...and more.


Dance teacher & researcher

Conscious of the importance of knowledge and technique transmission, and the lake of dance teachers in Morocco, Driss gives regular dance workshops and lessons, especially at the French Institute of Meknes, the Music and dance conservatory in Meknes, the dance academy in Rabat, and at  Elite danse in Marrakech. He also gives regular workshops worldwide especially in France & Italy.


 While focusing of free dance & contemporary, Driss provides a wide range of dance style from Belly dancing, to jazz & afro-contemporary dance.




You need choregraphies for a Movie/ film in Ouarzazate/Morocco, musicals,  or special events, get in touch with Driss and his dance company and order a choreography especially designed for your project.


Driss owns a rich repertory of dance works ranging from jazz dance, belly dance, musicals and contemporay dance.