Do you feel uncomfortable in your body?


Do you feel the need to express your emotions through movement but you don't know how?


 Are you ashamed to dance without a dance background/technique?


 I can surely help you get there. You don't have to go to a dance school to be a dancer (not to conflate with professional dancer). You just have to let yourself go. It is fun and easy. Come join us and “live” and share the experience. You may be surprise yourself!


This workshop on dance and movement is aimed at exploring your mind and body while enjoying the pleasures of dancing with simple, natural and easy movements. Movement is born in all of us, but has been poorly conditioned by modern society. This creates a need to rediscover our ability to listen to our body, to dare to express/free our emotions and our feelings through movement. Through movement, we awaken our senses; improve our internal balance and our overall sense of well-being.


Free dance introspective workshop in Marrakesh

Approach and Objectives:


We will enrich both the internal and external self with movements by completing of a series of exercises and natural movements that call on to our physical and emotional skills and your imagination. The goal is to be in better contact with ones’ body, reaching a sense of well-being through movement and feeling. You will let your energy dance in your internal rhythm and breathe gently.


This is not an academic/technical dance class, but rather a workshop on danced movement. It will help you rediscover your body and express your feeling and emotions in simple and spontaneous ways. Please watch the testimonial of a Body language workshop.


The programm

  • Target audience: Anyone who wants to take the time for self introspection and meditation through movement.
  • Sessions:
  1. Intensive one day (Weekends):  5 Hours class with 1 hour break
  2. Free Dance camp and retreat : the dance retreat takes place over five days, in a rhythm of 90 minutes  to 3 hours a day (depending on your availability)
  • Dates:  Specific dates can be agreed upon/reserved on request by groups of 5 or more or by individuals in the same city.
  • Schedule: to be discussed.
  • Location:
    • In Morocco: Marrakech, Essaouira or Rabat (upon agreement)
    • In Europe: Paris? Rome or other cities (upon invitation from a dance school or a community/association/institution.